Living zero waste: tips & tricks from Nilla Patty (English) -

Datum: 30 september 2019 | Tijd: 19:30 - 22:00 | Locatie: Café de 4 Heeren, Sint Annastraat 259, 6525 GR Nijmegen

Every year humans produce 250 billion kilograms of plastic. Perhaps the more relevant fact is that 4.7 billion of it ends up in the oceans, with disastrous effects to sealife and maritime ecosystems. But even if this were to make you think ‘’tough luck for the fish’’, this has a huge impact on humans as well, as we rely heavily on these ecosystems. Meanwhile this ‘’plastic soup’’ is only getting bigger and bigger. In response to this an increasing amount of people try to cut their production of plastic waste, but this does at least appear to be a lot of work. Yet, how hard is it really to live in a ‘zero waste’ fashion?

On 30th of September Nila Patty will join us and discuss the topic of living the ‘’zero waste’’ dream.
Nila comes from Indonesia and lives in Nijmegen. Three years ago she started living ‘zero waste’ and she created ‘Nonanoplastic’. With this platform she intends to share her story and empower others to start their own zero waste lifestyle.
So, are you curious to know how it’s possible to live zero waste?
Then we’ll see you on Monday the 30th September!

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